About us

Gu Nai Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing (Shandong) Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is an enterprise dedicated to improving indoor air quality through research and development, production, sales, and service. Its subsidiaries include Gu Nai Product Research Institute, Gu Nai International Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and Gu Nai Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing (Shandong) Co., Ltd.

Gu Nai has collaborated with leading companies in the professional air governance industry in the United States to create a globally leading fresh air system. Its main product, Gu Nai Fresh Air System, has been exported to countries and regions such as China, South Korea, Germany, France, the United States, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. Gu Nai has won unanimous recognition from global customers with its internationally leading research and development team, cost-effective intelligent products, excellent service system, and good reputation.

Gu Nai's fresh air system products include wall mounted machines, cabinet machines, and central ceiling machines. All fresh air system products are equipped with WiFi communication modules, which can achieve intelligent linkage with traditional household appliances such as air conditioning, television, curtains, heaters, lighting, etc. Intelligent hardware developed by Gunai, such as intelligent curtain controller, Touch switch, situation switch, intelligent socket, air messenger detector, can achieve logical interaction with Xinfeng products, truly realizing the whole house intelligence!

Since October 2010, Gu Nai International has launched a public welfare fund to support impoverished mountainous areas such as Yunnan Erdong Primary School and impoverished families, providing warmth to students and elderly people in impoverished mountainous areas. Everyone contributes a share of love and everything is improving. For many years, Gu Nai has never been absent. The rugged mountain roads, dilapidated classrooms, and bumpy playgrounds have now become cement roads, newly built teaching buildings, renovated activity venues, and provided living materials.
Gu Nai Tian Xia Cup
From 2010 to 2022, to the brothers and sisters of Gunai who are walking together now, and also to those who once fought together.


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